Learn how AsisChem has perfected the development of some families of unnatural amino acids: L-ANAP derivatives - fluorescent amino acids; Bipyridylalanine (BPY, BpyAla) - metal-binding amino acids and others.

AsisChem: Global Leaders in Custom Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry and Compound Sourcing and Delivery.

AsisChem is the only US company that leverages expert chemistry teams in St. Petersburg, Russia to support drug discovery projects worldwide. Since 2005 companies looking to advance drug discovery projects have entrusted AsisChem's scientists with their hit-to-lead and lead optimization efforts.

AsisChem's medicinal chemistry team members have dozens of years of drug discovery experience and act as medicinal chemistry program leaders for AsisChem's customers.

AsisChem's synthetic team of 30 PhD chemists has three core groups: medicinal chemistry support, process optimization and research.

More than 100 different organizations have used AsisChem's services since its inception. Among its current customers, AsisChem works with two publicly traded pharmaceuticals, 6 privately-held biotechs and 8 universities and non-profit institutes.

We are here to serve our customers with high quality work at competitive prices to advance their drug discovery projects

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