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AsisChem is the only US company that leverages expert chemistry teams in St. Petersburg, Russia to support drug discovery projects and custom chemistry worldwide. AsisChem provides an innovative and comprehensive range of building blocks, We supply scientists worldwide with the basic research tools necessary for advancing science and meeting unmet medical needs. Our commitment to researchers is to offer the highest quality products with competitive pricing in a collaborative environment.

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  • Unlocking the promise of Unnatural Amino Acids

    AsisChem is dedicated to delivering New Products and Advancements in the field of medicinal chemistry. For example, we have recently focused our efforts on developing families of unnatural amino acids, including L‑ANAP derivatives - fluorescent amino acids; Bipyridylalanine (BPY, BpyAla) - metal-binding amino acids and others.

    L-ANAP (L)-3-(6-acetylnaphtalen-2-ylamino)-2-aminopropanonic acid is a small organic fluorophore that can be genetically encoded into the primary protein using a tRNA/synthetase pair that is readily available from addgene [1-4]. Our Methyl Ester derivative (L-ANAP-ME) works flawlessly with the tRNA/synthetase kit, making fluorescent Unnatural amino acid assays available to the wider research community for the first time.

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