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AsisChem Invited To participate In ADMET for Drug Discovery workshops

January 5, 2010 05:59 by asischemadmin
On Wednesday, January 6 and again, on Thursday, January 21,  AsisChem will participate in Apredica's  workshop titled "ADMET for Drug Discovery".  The breakfast workshops will  help academic scientists,  preparing drug-discovery focused grant applications, to realize the full potential of early screening techniques that can be applied to developmental compounds.  Click here to register.

The power of in-vitro ADMET screening, coupled with a  medicinal chemistry program, is to advance the compounds most likely to succeed.  The testing paradigm helps weed out compounds that wouldn't have made it for reasons of toxicity or bioavailability, or physicochemical properties, before they are advanced to the more costly stages of preclinical- and clinical- development.

Scientists from Apredica and AsisChem will be available to interact with attendees at the meetings and discuss how these assays and strategies will strengthen grant proposals and build the groundwork for project success.

Apredica Director of Business Development, Carol Gebert, added that "The objective is to develop the most promising drug candidate, overall.  Not just the strongest binding compound."

The workshops will be offered January 6 and January 21 from 8 to 12 at Apredica, 313 Pleasant Street,  Watertown, MA.  Click here to register. 

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